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Some kind words from happy yoga students

“Each session is a journey of challenge, delight with a sprinkling of fun.”

I happened upon Anna's yoga through work colleagues some six months ago. From the first practice I attended I knew I had encountered someone who had a natural ability to engage with people and through the medium of yoga enable a connection of purpose.

I've been practising yoga for around 5 year and have practised with some excellent yogis, from my experience I can say Anna is gold standard in her offer. A number of things make her different: There are no egos, classes are small, comfortable and respectful. Anna spends time to get to know you as an individual, what your yoga ambitions are, where the barriers might be physical and or emotional and tailors practice in an environment that encourages growth of practice. There is a sense of complete safety, you experience a bubble of calm and can-do. Anna is non-judgemental, patient and kind, always takes account of injury and how you might be feeling emotionally.

Each session is a journey of challenge, delight with a sprinkling of fun. I unreservedly recommend Anna's yoga to anyone at any level.


“I was encouraged in a very safe and effective way”

I really enjoyed my yoga lessons with Anna. She has a very calm yet energising way of delivering her classes. I felt that I was encouraged in a very safe and effective way and that there was a balanced delivery of strength and flexibility combined with mind/body awareness. Anna has great depth of knowledge and embodies all that she teaches.”


“Anna is an experienced and talented teacher”

“I found Anna’s classes and style a great balance between being physically demanding but also relaxing. I really enjoyed the flowing style, but also holding the postures for a good amount of time. Anna is a hugely experienced and talented teacher. Rare to come by.”